Popular Cheerleading Groups

25 06 2008

Cheerleading is tough game and to organize this tough into easier requires groups. These groups help the cheerleading for their better performance. It also helps them to look after their various needs. It is only through these groups that what we see beautiful performances are excellent. As it requires special training and time.

Cheerleading first started at Princeton University in the 1880s to encourage school spirit at football games. After then, Princeton graduate Thomas Peebles organized crowd chanting to the University of Minnesota in 1884. Then it was 1898 that University of Minnesota student Johnny Campbell stood in front of the crowd, and directed them in a chant, making Campbell the very first cheerleader.

Cheerleading is most closely associated with American football, and to a lesser degree basketball. Sports such as soccer, ice hockey, and wrestling, baseball rarely have cheerleaders. By the 1950s, most American high schools had formed cheerleading squads. By 1960s, cheerleading had grown to be a staple in American high school and collegiate sports. Organizing cheerleading competitions began to crop up with the first ranking of the “Top Ten College Cheerleading Squads” and “Cheerleader All America. In the 1960s National Football League (NFL) teams began to organize professional cheerleading teams. The 1980s saw the onset of modern cheerleading with more difficult stunts and gymnastics being incorporated into routines.

The 2000 major motion picture Bring It On was a movie based on cheerleading. Today, cheerleading has grown to an estimated 4 million participants in the United States alone. Other great traditions in the art of cheerleading have developed over the years.

The following are two major highlights cheerleading history:

1870’s: The first pep club was established at Princeton University.

1880’s: The first organized yell was recorded at Princeton University.

Cheerleaders increased their involvement in community service projects. And started receiving national media recognition. Cheerleading came a long way in ten decades. The importance of cheerleading was first acknowledged by Willis Bugbear in 1927, when he wrote:

“The cheerleader, where once was merely tolerated, is now a person of real estate. His prestige is such that at many schools and colleges he must win his place in competitive examination.”

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1 08 2008
Keith Cangiarella

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