Various Types of Cheerleading

30 08 2008

Cheerleading is a popular sport globally. It is very popular among people. Various cheerleading competitions attract millions of visitors from all over the world. It is the charm and fun involved in the game that is a force of attraction. Dance, stunts, tumbling and other activities performed by cheerleaders add spices to every sports where cheerleading is involved.

Shades of Cheerleading

There are various shades of cheerleading depending upon their evolution and sponsorship. The most important types of cheerleading are:

School Sponsored Cheerleading – This is the most popular form of cheerleading. Every school, college and institution sponsors cheerleading squads to represent them in various cheerleading competitions. These cheerleading squads perform in various cheerleading tournaments, as well as some teams are formed to encourage players of their respective team during popular school, college or university level tournaments. These cheerleaders are responsible for moral boosting of team players as well as to entertain spectators from their lovely dance, tumbling and other actions on the beats of music.

Youth League Sponsored Cheerleading – Several organizations that sponsor youth league football, basketball or baseball tournaments also sponsor cheerleading squads. Cheerleading squads sponsored by Pop Warner and YMCA are example of this form of cheerleading. These cheerleading squads are sponsored by organizing committees to entertain people and boosting moral of players during matches.

All Star Cheerleading – There are some squads not associated with any school or sports league. They are called all-star cheerleading squads. Their main aim of such all-star cheerleading squads is enjoying the same or performing into various national or international cheerleading tournaments. The first all-star cheerleading squad was Q94 Rockers founded by Hilda McDaniel in 1982 from Richmond, Virginia. Along with the growing popularity of such games and squads, more and more all-star cheerleading teams came into existence.

Cheerleading is a game that always involves several colors in form of cheerleader’s uniform, their accessories like pom-poms and ribbons. These colors represent fun and joy included in the game. You can have several other details of cheerleading, cheerleading uniform trends, cheerleading accessories, information on uses of cheerleading accessories and their suppliers online over the internet. Visit any of the online cheerleading directories and you will have lots of information related to this charming and energetic game.

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Need for Business Directories

2 08 2008

Businesses are becoming more and more dependent on technology and Internet. Organizations engaged in some kind of product marketing, manufacturing or sales and customer service providers companies as well look for their potential customers from huge pool of Internet users. On the other side, Internet users always look at World Wide Web for all kind of solutions for their every need and daily life problems. The matter can be related to buying a consumer product, looking for a particular service, or getting more information about almost any topic.

Possible Locations for Help of Internet Users

While surfing net or looking for some information or any help, Internet users always look at search engines, web directories, or discussion forums. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN are the popular source for all kind of information for users. People who want specific information about any topic go to several web directories available on net. These web directories contain all types of information for different topics like Business, Sports, Science, and Tourism etc.

Cheerleading Directory

The need for business directories or simply web directories is must for cheerleading and sports. Because they provide different kind of valuable information related to hot and popular cheerleading groups, cheerleader’s performances, or different apparels used by cheerleaders. If members or a cheerleading team is looking for their specially designed uniforms, or a single style shoes, pom-pom, ribbons or other cheerleading dresses they come to these web directories for help or getting the URL’s of such service providers.

Benefits of Listing to Web Directories

If you are a service provider, or supplier of cheerleading uniforms or cheerleader’s accessories, then your online registration can be a rewarding experience for you. You can target global customers by just your online presence. Your potential customers can find you by your listing to these web directories or your URL indexed by search engines. If anyone likes your product, he/she can order you directly from your website. People eager to know more about service or products offered by you or your website will also visit resulting you more incoming traffic to websites, which in turn will be helpful for you.

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Need for Cheerleading Directory

16 07 2008

Directory is very important for getting full information about individual topics and themes. For the knowledge of any subject what it includes or contains, their directories are best option to look into. So when it comes to Cheerleading, Cheerleaders and various other aspects like cheerleading groups, cheerleading dresses, cheerleading associations, the importance of cheerleading directory comes into action. That includes articles about cheerleading, cheerleading drills, cheers, college cheerleading, NFL cheerleaders, cheerleading camps, stunts, safety tips for cheerleaders, NBA Cheerleaders, props, training tips and advice. Cheerleading which is itself a game more popular among various soccer leagues, athletics championships and now Cricket too is more popular in America.



However, with changing time cheerleading has become famous in many countries and games. To get first hand knowledge about cheerleading, its directory is very important. However, directory of cheerleading varies from associations and countries. All cheerleading associations follow their own principles and rules. Even cheerleading includes Gymnastics, Tumbling Dance. Theses dances are performed on various music. They performed for moral boost for the players. Directory of cheerleading includes the name of associations, dresses, their modes of functions, age groups of entering the associations, modes of living, what is cheerleading, who performs at cheerleading functions, criteria of becoming cheerleaders, games they perform. It gives a complete view about cheerleaders.

Just as telephone directory gives the information about various codes of countries, complain area, etc it is easy for the client to get it. They do not have to search here and there. Just by sitting at home, they can get all the information for what they required. No one has so much time to spend hours in searching for the thing. All wants to get information quickly without wasting any time. Time is very precious in today’s life. At this point specially to know about cheerleading is quite tough.

Just by looking into an online cheerleading directory, one can get all the information of cheerleading. Without any difficulty, all can be well versed about cheerleading. All wants to know about cheerleading its associations, Cheerleading Bows, star Cheerleading and its history. For that, directory is like a guide who can provide all information related to cheerleading. Even it is helpful of getting any specific information if required. Hence, cheerleading directory is very important to know about cheerleading.

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Cheerleading – a popular Sports Activity

4 07 2008

Games and sports are a way for people to deal with the tension and stress in their life. Playing or watching some kind of sports helps in releasing stress as well as its beneficial from health point of view. Sports events are not only for players or audience but also for masses. There is a new phenomenon in sports known as cheerleading these days. It’s a kind of supporting act performed by the cheerleaders to encourage players as well as to entertain audiences too.

Cheerleaders and cheerleading is being increasingly popular, it can be assumed by the fact that these days several companies are targeting popular cheerleading groups for marketing of their products. At major sporting events, companies also sponsor cheerleading groups taking part in the event. It’s among one of the most successful advertising idea for product manufacturers.

We can see the banners or logos of various companies on dresses of cheerleaders. Be it shoes, caps, their ribbons or pom-poms everything covers some logo of sponsor companies. That clearly depicts the popularity as well as the attention that cheerleaders get during such precious events.

Now it’s not a less known sports activity, it is now widely popular into almost every part of world. Youngsters are fantasized by the attention cheerleaders get during sports events. The attention displayed for cheerleaders is being a chance behind youngsters choosing cheerleading as a permanent career option.

To have detail knowledge about cheerleading and cheerleaders you can browse any of the popular cheerleading websites, or web directories. You may also find several forums and sports communities based on cheerleading over Internet. This is one of the reasons behind sudden popularity of cheerleading. There are several online directories, from where you can get various links of websites dealing with Cheerleading and cheerleading activities.

If you are into cheerleading, then you will certainly find these kinds of cheerleading websites as well as online community benefits associated with online promotion of your website. Cheerleading dresses are well designed with comfort and ease of dancing in mind. You can visit any of the cheerleading website to buy products for your cheerleading campaign

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Cheerleading Association and Their Responsibilities

27 06 2008

Cheerleading is becoming popular day by day. With the increase of seeing favorite players playing, cheerleading group is increasing. With that many associations has emerged to look after and to help the group. These associations’ works constantly for the cheer groups. All the members of the group are associated with one or the other associations. To impart them proper training and knowledge about cheerleading is done by the group. These groups also help them for organizing shows for the members.

All the members had to follow the principal of these associations. In 1948, Lawrence “Herkimer” Herkimer formed the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) as a way to hold cheerleading clinics. Cheerleading is not an easy task so these associations started applying safety guidelines and offering courses on safety training for coaches and sponsors. They also help them in performing various stunts and gymnastics being incorporated into routines. For that various associations was formed to give them the knowledge and idea of cheerleading.

AACCA – American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors, founded in 1988, members of the association include youth, junior high school, high school and college or university coaches/advisors.

ACE – American Cheer Express (ACE) offers many camps and competitions. They will come to your site for two or three full days of customized, personalized instruction.

America’s Best – America’s Best offers many types of cheer and dance camps including Resident, Commuter, and Private/Custom geared towards elementary to High School levels, regional and National Competitions.

American Cheer Power – Formerly known as the Texas Cheerleading Association, the American Cheer Power has been in existence for over 25 years. They offer camps, competitions and coach’s certifications.

American Cheerleading Federation – The goal of the ACF is to “leave every cheerleader and coach with a positive and uplifting feeling about themselves and their squad”.

American Dance/Drill Team – In their fortieth year, American Dance/Drill Team was founded by Gussie Nell Davis, who created the first dance team.

AmeriCheer – Since its beginning in 1983, AmeriCheer has grown to offer expert instruction and competitions throughout the country to skill levels ranging from beginning to collegiate.

Atlantic Cheer and Dance Championships – The ACDC serves a seven state area on the East Coast. They offer camps, competitions, a tradeshow and much more.

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Popular Cheerleading Groups

25 06 2008

Cheerleading is tough game and to organize this tough into easier requires groups. These groups help the cheerleading for their better performance. It also helps them to look after their various needs. It is only through these groups that what we see beautiful performances are excellent. As it requires special training and time.

Cheerleading first started at Princeton University in the 1880s to encourage school spirit at football games. After then, Princeton graduate Thomas Peebles organized crowd chanting to the University of Minnesota in 1884. Then it was 1898 that University of Minnesota student Johnny Campbell stood in front of the crowd, and directed them in a chant, making Campbell the very first cheerleader.

Cheerleading is most closely associated with American football, and to a lesser degree basketball. Sports such as soccer, ice hockey, and wrestling, baseball rarely have cheerleaders. By the 1950s, most American high schools had formed cheerleading squads. By 1960s, cheerleading had grown to be a staple in American high school and collegiate sports. Organizing cheerleading competitions began to crop up with the first ranking of the “Top Ten College Cheerleading Squads” and “Cheerleader All America. In the 1960s National Football League (NFL) teams began to organize professional cheerleading teams. The 1980s saw the onset of modern cheerleading with more difficult stunts and gymnastics being incorporated into routines.

The 2000 major motion picture Bring It On was a movie based on cheerleading. Today, cheerleading has grown to an estimated 4 million participants in the United States alone. Other great traditions in the art of cheerleading have developed over the years.

The following are two major highlights cheerleading history:

1870’s: The first pep club was established at Princeton University.

1880’s: The first organized yell was recorded at Princeton University.

Cheerleaders increased their involvement in community service projects. And started receiving national media recognition. Cheerleading came a long way in ten decades. The importance of cheerleading was first acknowledged by Willis Bugbear in 1927, when he wrote:

“The cheerleader, where once was merely tolerated, is now a person of real estate. His prestige is such that at many schools and colleges he must win his place in competitive examination.”

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Various Shades of Cheerleading Dresses

21 06 2008

Cheerleaders are included in the game generally for the moral boosting of the teams. While playing any game players always have some kind of tension in their minds that whether they will win or not if they lose then what will happen. In such stages cheerleaders play and important role. They help in providing some kind of relief from mental tension. They are also used to attract crowds attention’s in watching the game.

While cheerleader used different things while performing their dance and music also plays important part in this. But more important is the dress or costumes of these cheerleaders, that actually hold the attention of many people. Before using any pumps and costumes rehearsals should be done that whether they are suitable for the particular game or not. Even the country and type of crowd is coming for watching the match. The dress of cheerleaders should not be vulgar or indecent. But should be according to the taste of country and people as well as comfortable to them so that they don’t have to face difficulties while performing different physical actions. As the particular dress may not be liked by one but can be good for other.

Costume suitable for the squad. At the time of entering into competitions the cheerleading squad must have costumes, matching trainers, exclusively designed ribbons, socks, pom-poms and other required accessory. The costume of these cheerleaders should be according to the events they are participating like school concerts, school summer and spring fairs, carnivals, church functions, garden parties, Rose Queen festivals, spring fairs for other schools in the region, charity events and sports matches. As for church functions their dress should be pink, white or blue silk cloth. At these Church events wearing short skirts is not appropriate. While skirts are good for carnivals and sports events.

For parties cheerleaders should have glittered dress, which does not have dull colors. For spring fairs the cheerleaders should wear colorful dresses. As it is the part of celebrations. Thus cheerleaders are not meant for only sports events they can take part in many other events also. It is the dress of the cheerleaders that is first seen by the crowd. So special emphasis should be made upon the dress or costumes as it is the first and the last impression.

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